Shiro is a graffiti artist from Japan. Her vibrant imagery reflects her love for the Hip-Hop culture and old school graffiti, revolving around her original character “Mimi”, a dynamic and strong role model of womanhood.
Dividing her time since 1997 between New York and Japan, she brings a Japanese esthetic to a New York art form which merges into a truly unique style.
Her first stay in Queens and Brooklyn was 2002-2004 when she had the opportunity to work with many great graffiti artists who inspired her to develop her own style. She later would take periodic sabbaticals from her work as a nurse specializing in geriatric care to visit and work in New York.
In Japan Shiro has worked with members of the Hip-Hop industry, organizing graffiti shows and live events.
Today she is based on New York, travling all over the world.
A former judo-champion and a lover of motorbikes; she is strong, yet feminine and a living example of her artistic alter-ego.
Shiro’s work as a nurse, caring for the elderly and those at the end of their lives has given her an unusual perspective which infuses her artwork, melding compassion and gentleness with the dynamism of the Hip-Hop genre.
A little brashness juxtaposed with care. Her motto and the fundamental tenet of her artwork is:
"Love life and live it to the max! We exists RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!"

1998年にGraffitiを始めて以来、NYオールドスクールのグラフィティとHiphopカルチャーに強い影響を受け、そのオリジナルのキャラクターを通して、独特の人生観、世界観を表現し続けている。 2002年から2年間アメリカNYに単身移り住み、そこでリアルなストリートアートに肌で触れ、多くのグラフィティショウケース、音楽イベントなどにゲストアーティストとして参加してきた。 2014年にアメリカアーティストビザを取得、NYに活動の拠点を再度移してからも世界を一人で旅して壁画の足跡を残し続けている。 同時にその表現の場は壁の上にとどまらず、独自のアパレルライン『BJ46』のデザイン、グラフィックスやキャンバスの上にも繰り広げられる。
また彼女は1999年から日本で正看護師として医療の現場で勤務経験を持つ。そこでの経験は彼女の人生観とアートに大きく影響を与えた。 そしてアートを通して『自分の人生を愛し、最大限に生き抜く。自分の存在は今この瞬間しか約束されていないのだから』というメッセージを表現し続けている。


2015 Self Graffiti tour in Europe (Germany-Austria-Spain-Portugal-France)
2015 Solo exhibition at 31st Gallery (Vienna Austria)
2015 Music and Street Art Festival live paint (Paris France)
2015 The Future Project August Martin High School (Queens NY USA)
2015 Self graffiti tour in Brazil (San Pauro/Rio De Janeiro Brazil)
2015 Stage art produce "Dance Exhibition Carnival" at Shizuoka city cultural hall (Shizuoka Japan)
2014 Solo exhibition "West meets East" at MZ Gallery (Chelsea NY USA)
2014 "Moore Hostel" interior art (Bushwick Brooklyn NY USA)
2014 Group art show "Science Project" Curator (Bushwick Brooklyn NY USA)
2014 Serious BBQ "Jorn Brown" Back yard mural painting (LIC NY USA)
2014 "THE POP BAR GALLERY 1st ART SHOW" Curator (Queens NY USA)
2013 Solo exhibition at 5pointz gallery(LIC NY USA)
2012 "MADE BY MY LOVE" Exhibition at Good days (Yokohama Japan)
2012 "GRAFFITI DELIGHT!" Exhibition at Hip Hop stu (LES NY USA)
2012 "明日を見る眼鏡-GLASSES TO VIEW THE FUTURE" Fundraising Curator (Japan/France/USA)
2011 "MANGA GRAFFITI" Workshop at Archiv (Berlin Germany)
2011 Guest artist for 150 years anniversary of Germany & Japan friendship mural (Berlin Germany)
2011 "MIMI'S DELIGHT!" Exhibition at COMMON GROUND GALLERY Hip Hop Stützpunkt (Berlin Germany)
2010 "Graffiti Delight!" Exhibition (The Bronx NY USA)
2010 "PLAYERZ Fever" Art Exhibition curator at 109 (Shizuoka Japan)
2009 "PLAYERZ HIGH!" Graffi Park Jam curator at Mumonan Skate Park (Yamanashi Japan)
2009 "PLAYERZ Fever" Art Exhibition curator at 109 (Shizuoka Japan)


2016 Wonder Women Art Show at Gold Coast Arts Center (Long Island NY USA)
2015 Digard Auction Performances Live (Paris France)
2015 Under Pressure arty (Miami USA)
2015 Little Haiti Murals (Miami USA)
2015 Urban Palette Project (Miami USA)
2015 Unter dem Titel misc. #1 Art Show at 31st Gallery (Vienna Austria)
2015 We Love Letters Art Show (Oakland Terminal Art Gallery California USA)
2015 A4 Art Project (Tokyo Japan)
2015 Meeting of Styles (Magdeburg Germany)
2015 "Meeting of styles" (Magdeburg Germany)2015 SUG Graffiti Tour (Barcelona-Valencia-Vigo-Porto)
2015 "Dripped On Productions Group Show" (Manhattan NY USA)
2015 "Young New Yorkers-Silent Art Auction" (Manhattan NY USA)
2015 Graffiti festival "Stret of Styles" (Curitiba Brazil)
2015 "Lust For Life" (Manhattan NY USA)
2014 "Stocking Stuffer Show" at Low Brow Artique (Bushwick Brooklyn NY USA)
2014 "Halsey Street Dream Way" (Bushwick Brooklyn NY USA)
2014 "What A Character" at Low Brow Artique (Bushwick Brooklyn NY USA)
2014 "Jersey Fresh" Live painting (Trenton NJ USA)
2014 "21st Precinct" Chelsea NY USA
2014 "STICKY SITUATION" at Richmond Hood Company (Staten Island NY USA)
2014 "Group Ink" at Gallery Nine5 (Soho NY USA)
2014 "URNY Well Traveled" (Tokyo Japan)
2014 "THE POP BAR GALLERY 1st ART SHOW" Curator (Queens NY USA)
2014 "THE POP BAR" Interior & Exterior produce (Queens NY USA)
2014 "NYC Subway Map – 5 Pointz" at Rue de l'art | Street art gallery (Lyon France)
2014 "WALL WORKS Exhibition" at Great Neck Arts Center (GreatNeck NY USA)
2013 "DARUMA-TEN" at Yonabe Gallery (Yokohama Japan)
2013 "YONABE GALLERY EXHIBITION #1" at Yonabe Gallery (Yokohama Japan)
2013 "WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!" at Tuff City Styles (Bronx NY USA)
2013 "BOARD OF ART" at Evil and Love Gallery (Brooklyn NY USA)
2013 "STICKY SITUATION" at Richmond Hood Company (Staten Island NY USA)
2012 NBA Street Art Exhibition "ART OF BASKETBALL" (Miami Florida USA)
2012 "LOVE SAVE JAPAN" NYC Artists Fundraising at Times Square (NY USA)
2012 "INDO-GERMAN HIP HOP & URBAN ART PROJECT" (Mumbai&Kolkata, India)
2011 Graffiti Art Exhibition "GRAFFITI GONE GLOBAL" (Miami Florida USA)
2011 SUG Graffiti Tour (Sydney, Australia)
2010 NBA Street Art Exhibition "ART OF BASKETBALL" (Miami Florida USA)
2010 Asian Graffiti contest "WALL LOADS" Guest Artist (Shanghai China)
2010 Shanghai World Expo German Pavilion Guest Artist (Shanghai China)
2010 SUG Graffiti Tour (Melbourne, Australia/Auckland, New Zealand)
2009 Graffiti exhibition "GRAFFITI GONE GLOBAL" (Miami Florida USA)
2009 "THE NEW YORK CONNECTION" Curated by AIKO (Tokyo Japan)
2008 "We B*Girlz!" World B-girl Summit official logo mark (Berlin Germany)
2008 Bronx Museam Graffiti exhibition ”Made From Love” (The Bronx NY USA)
2007 "Rock Steady Crew 30th Anniversary Party" (New Jersey USA)
2007 "Meeting of styles" (Mainz Germany)
2006 2007 US B-Girl summit "B-Girl Be" Minneapolis, Minnesota USA)
2004-2007 "B-BOY BBQ" (Philadelphia Philadelphia USA)
2004 2005 "GRAFFITI NY HALL OF FAME" (Harlem NY USA)